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Hello Nursery!

I love seeing your pictures of your learning, please keep them coming. I hope you are enjoying your learning challenges and keeping safe.


As our topic this term has been ‘Growing and Changing’ I thought it would be nice to mention that United Utilities is giving away free sunflower seeds. If you click on the link below it will take you to their page. I have ordered my pack so I will be sharing with you the progress my sunflowers make and sharing tips of how to take care and make sure our sunflowers grow.

I checked this morning (17/05/2020) and they are currently out of stock. However, do keep checking the link as I’m sure they will be in stock again soon.

Have a lovely week and stay safe. Keep practising recognising your sounds, numbers and recognising /writing your own name.

Take care, Miss Green 😊


Sign of the week

The weather has been lovely recently. I checked today and next week is going to be quite hot! We need to make sure we are wearing lots of sun cream and a hat to protect us from the sun. This week’s sign of the week is ‘hot’. Just like when you are feeling too hot outside because it’s very sunny. Have a go at trying to sign hot. Can you remember the signs we have done so far?


Speaking and Listening

Go on a listening walk. What different sounds can you hear? Do you recognise all the sounds? Describe the sounds you can hear- are they loud or quiet? Are they long or short sounds? What is making the sounds?

You can also play these listening games if you follow the link

Shape, Space and Measure

Who is the tallest and who is the shortest in your house? If you have a measuring tape, ask your grownups to measure you. Stand against a wall outside and use a piece of chalk to mark how tall each person is. Can you stand in a line and order shortest to tallest? Find something in your house that is taller than you. Find something in your house that is shorter than you.


Our focus this term is to count accurately to 10 and beyond and recognise numbers.

Number Blocks- ten green bottles

Number Blocks – Hide and Seek

Understanding the world

Next time you are on a nature walk or in your back garden/ yard try to complete this mini beast hunt!

Mini beast hunt

Expressive Art and Design

Can you create some junk modelling? Using items such as; empty cereal boxes, milk cartons (wash them first), toilet roll tubes, egg crates and any other material you have. I cannot wait to see your models.


Look what Miss Green and Jack have discovered in the canal on Sankey Valley! Do you know what they are? Do you know how they might change and grow? We are not too sure.

Can you draw a picture of them and draw a picture of what they might look like when they have fully grown. You can add some labels to show what you have drawn. Please send them to me so I can let Jack know what we have found!

Physical Development

This week I would like you to practise your throwing skills. You could use a box, the washing basket, a bucket or the dish bowl. Use different objects such as a tennis ball, soft toys, tie your sock into a ball and see how many you get to land in your basket!

If you are finding it too easy move one step back from your basket. If it’s a bit tricky take a step forward.

Try balancing on one leg and throw or blindfolded. (Make sure there is nothing around they can be broken and always do this with a grown-up!)  You could try a competition with siblings or grownups and try at different times in the week to see if you improve your score.


Phonics Play has a free membership login during the lockdown period. Try accessing the website and play the phase 2 games. Buried Treasure is a really fun game which will help you to practise segmenting and blending words.

For those children who were accessing phase 3 phonics whilst at nursery, Mr Mc has been teaching phonics on YouTube. I’d like you to access lessons 1-4 of phase 3 to build on current learning. They are very fun, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


If you plant ten seeds, what do you get?

I have shared the book Ten Seeds by Ruth Brown. Enjoy discovering what happens to the seeds as they begin to change and grow.