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Hello Nursery. It has been lovely welcoming lots of you back to our classroom this week and what fun we have had! To the children who have stayed home I am so proud of how hard you are continuing to work and we look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.

Here is your home learning for the week.

Miss Green

Physical Development– (Imitates drawing simple shapes, pencil grip)

The weather is going to be lovely this week! The sun will be shining for most of the week so take advantage and try and do your learning activities outside. Make the most of the sun and explore light and shadows by creating your own shadow drawing. Place a toy/ object on a piece of paper and use your pencil to draw around its shadow.

Phonics- Watch the episode of Alphablocks ‘Cat’

Can you sound out the sounds for; cod, can, pat, tap, cap, nap, dog, cat? Have a go at writing them.

Expressive Arts and Design (Explores colour and how colours can be changed. Explores what happens when they mix colour.)

Watch the story “The Mixed up Chameleon”

Using a sandwich bag- draw a chameleon on the front you could ask  a grown up to help. Start by choosing two primary colour paints and make sure the bag is sealed. Have fun using your fingers to squish the paint around. Can you explain what has happened and notice the changes?

Primary colours- Red, yellow and blue.

Reading- (Listens to and joins in with stories and poems. Describes the main story settings, events and principal characters)

What is your favourite bedtime story? Can you retell part of it?

Maths-(Shows an interest in numerals in the environment. Shows interest in shapes in the environment)

The weather is going to be so lovely so it is nice to be outside. Whilst you are next out for a walk getting exercise go a number/ shape hunt. Take photos of the numbers and shapes you can see around you.