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Home Learning – Week 4 (27.4.20)

Hello Reception, what a busy week you have had! I loved looking at your learning, there were some fantastic cards made for Captain Tom. I’m sure he will appreciate them on his special birthday.

WOW what fantastic pictures you chose to represent yourselves in the St George’s coat of arms activity. It is wonderful getting to know you all better. I thought I’d include someone special to me in this weeks home learning activities. I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to seeing your completed tasks.

Take care and stay safe

Miss Kavanagh 🙂


This half term we will be learning about Jesus and the Disciples. Jesus had 12 special friends and they were called the Disciples. They helped him to spread the Good News about God. We try to be kind and friendly to everyone. We have special friends who share special memories with us. I’d like you to draw a picture of friends that are special to you and label them please.


This week I would like you to focus on some fine motor work outs! This will help you to develop muscles in your fingers and make your writing even better. Use the video below to help you to complete a dough disco workout. You will need a little bit of playdough, but don’t worry if you don’t have this at home, alternatively you can use a sock! This works just as well J


Re read the story ‘Silly Doggy’ or alternatively you can watch it on YouTube following this link

Can you read these sentences? Which ones match the story?

  1. The dog is big.
  2. The goat is in the shed.
  3. The dog was lots of fun.
  4. Dog had fish and chips.


Look at the picture taken from the book ‘Silly Doggy’. What would you say if you saw this happening in your garden? Write a caption or simple sentence inside a speech bubble to explain what you would say. I can’t wait to find out.


Write the numbers 1-20 on individual pieces of paper. Put them in order to create your very own giant number line. Can you use your giant number line to solve these addition problems?

7+3=                                            5+5=

10+2=                                          9+2=

6+5 =                                           6+2=

You will need to find the first number in the number problem and stand on it. Remember when we are adding we need to count on, that means we must jump forwards. Check the number problem, how many spaces are we jumping forwards? Jump along the number line counting each jump. What is the total? Which number have you landed on? Please record your answers forming numbers correctly.

Understanding the World

I’d like you to meet somebody very special to me, this is my nephew Elliot, he is 2 years old. This week Elliot has received a special parcel in the post. He isn’t sure what it could be. Have a look at the pictures and see if you can predict what Elliot might have had delivered! Can you draw a picture of it and write a note to Elliot to explain what it could be?

Expressive Art and Design

Our value for May is Compassion. We would like you to design a card/letter or poster to thank the NHS and key workers for all of their hard work and dedication at this time. The key workers and NHS staff have shown such compassion at this time, showing kindness, care and a willingness to help others. Let’s show how compassionate we are by thanking them! You can use one of the templates attached or come up with your own idea or creation. Don’t forget to send us a photograph ( with the subject FAO Miss Kavanagh).

Home learning week 4 (click here for some templates to complete this activity)