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Home Learning – Week 5 (4.5.20)

VE Day

This week we celebrate a very special day. VE Day – or ‘Victory in Europe Day’ marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end.

On 8 May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made an announcement on the radio at 3pm that the war in Europe had come to an end, following Germany’s surrender the day before.

Lots of soldiers fought in the war and displayed such courage and bravery. We would like you to celebrate this special day by having a party at home. You could hold your own teddy bear’s picnic and create some of the decorations below to help you to celebrate. Click the link to learn how to create salt dough. Why don’t you make a salt dough medal just like one the soldiers had? Below are some ideas.


I have loved learning who your special friends are. It is nice to know you have such special people in your lives. We will continue learning about Jesus and the disciples. Please use the PowerPoint attached here to learn more.



At this time of year, we would usually be practising in preparation for our sports day. I want you to enjoy some sunshine in the garden to set up some races (it can be completed indoors too). Can you practise a sprint race running quickly? Can you practise the egg and spoon race balancing an egg carefully? (it might be a good idea to boil this first!) or can you throw a ball or beanbag at a given target? (you can make your own using a sock filled with rice)


Lots of you guessed what Elliot’s delivery was correctly. He is a very lucky boy and received five caterpillars in the post. He is looking after them and keeping them safe. Please listen to the story The Cautious Caterpillar following this link.


I want you to help Elliot to look after his caterpillars and keep a diary of any changes in your English book. The first picture was taken last week and the second picture was taken this week just 7 days apart. What changes do you notice? Please record your observations in your English book.



I hope you managed to add using your giant number lines.

This week we are going to practise subtracting. That means taking away or counting back on a number line. Write the numbers 1-20 on individual pieces of paper. Put them in order to create your very own giant number line. Can you use your giant number line to solve these subtraction problems?

12-4=                                                          15-5=

9-2=                                                           11-2=

10-3 =                                                        7-4=

You will need to find the first number in the number problem and stand on it. Remember when we are subtracting/taking away we need to count back, that means we must jump backwards. Check the number problem, how many spaces are we jumping backwards? Jump back on the number line counting each jump. Which number have you landed on? Please record your answers forming numbers correctly.

Understanding the World

As you know it is a very strange time at the moment, not going to school and staying at home. There are lots of people working hard to help us and keep us safe. I’d like you to think about people that help us. This can be at school, at home or in our wider community. Make a list of people who help you. I’m sure there are lots!

Expressive Art and Design

When you have completed your list of people that help you I would like you to choose one and make a puppet of them. This could be a stick puppet, a finger puppet or a mask! Don’t forget to send us a photograph ( with the subject FAO Miss Kavanagh).