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Reception Home Learning – WB: 08/06/20

Hello everybody, I hope you’ve enjoyed the sunshine during the half term break. This week’s home learning has been added below. I can’t wait to see the fantastic learning you complete at home! Don’t forget to send it to with the subject FAO Miss Kavanagh



I loved hearing your ‘thank you’ video’s in different languages! I was super impressed. This week I’d like you to recap the Pentecost Story using the PowerPoint below. To remind you of the story I’d like you to make a kite to represent the wind and decorate it with flames to remind you of the Holy Spirit.




Please recap the story map lesson you worked on before half term and complete the following lessons to help you to write your story. I can’t wait to see your amazing writing!

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Lesson 3:



This week in maths we will recap number recognition and solving problems using numbers to 20. Use the lessons below to support your maths learning.

Lesson 1: https://classroom.0

Lesson 2: 

Lesson 3:


I’d like you to share the story below that focuses on our worries. There are lots of things that might be worrying you at the moment and I know you are missing your friends. I have attached a person template so that you can design your own paper worry doll to share your worries with. It is important to share your worries with a grown up to so that they can help you.

Worry person template