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Reception Home Learning – Week Beginning 22/06/20

Hello Reception, I hope you are all keeping well. It has been so lovely to welcome some of you back this week and I am very proud of the way you have adapted to our new rules and routines. I am also proud of the children who continue to learn from home. You and your grown-ups are doing a fantastic job, keep up the hard work! Here is next week’s home learning, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

Miss Kavanagh


I have attached a tricky word mat for you to practise reading the words on sight. You cannot segment and blend these words so it is a good idea to play games with them to help to remember them. Here are some games you can play. It is a good idea to use phase 2 words first, when you are secure with these words you can try using phase 3 and 4 to challenge yourselves.

tricky word mat


Write the words out individually onto pieces of card or paper twice. Turn them over and take turns with an adult to find the matching words. You can only keep the pair if you can read them! Good Luck


Write the words individually on paper or card. Ask an adult to read the words one at a time. Using your hand, a fly swat or a ruler splat the words the adult reads. See how quickly you can find them.

Phonics Play

If you prefer our online learning tools you can play tricky word trucks following the link below. The website is still free to access using these details.

Username: march20
Password: home


I hope you have enjoyed the learning set about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Here are the following lessons to build on your learning.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Challenge: To practise applying your phonic knowledge in your writing I would like you to look at the eye spy picture attached. What can you see? Can you write a list of all of the things you can spy? Can you put some of those words into a caption or sentence?

I Spy with My Little Eye


Building on from last week’s lessons we will learn to find one less than a number to 20.

Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:

Challenge: To practise applying your maths skills I am setting you a number challenge. I’d like you to make your own numberline writing numbers from 1 to 5, then 1 to 10 and finally 1 to 20. Please make sure your numbers are the right way around ensuring correct number formation. You can practise any that you might find tricky.


I hope you enjoyed going for a walk to find things from God’s creation. Recap the story discussing God’s creations with an adult. God would want us to look after our world. What do you think we can do to help? You could draw a picture or write a sentence to share your ideas.