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Welcome to Nursery

Class Teacher - Miss L Wilcock

Teaching Assistant - Miss D Brookhouse

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Did you know our school Nursery offers free 30 hour places for 3 and 4 year olds?

Our Nursery is led by a fully qualified teacher and teaching assistant providing high quality learning experiences through play. Our school Nursery is the best place for nurturing children's interests and supporting them to be the 'best that they can be' from the very beginning.

If your child is eligable for 30 hour funding they will attend Nursery from 8.45am - 3.20pm, Monday to Friday (term time only). You can check your eligability by following this link https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

For further information or to register your child please contact the school office on 01925 634967 alternatively you can email Latchford_Primary@warrington.gov.uk

LOOk at our super Learning

Growing And Changing - caterpillars

This half term the children in Nursery will be exploring the topic "Growing and Changing".

We have had some exciting new arrivals in our classroom! We welcomed 5 caterpillars into our class and the children made some good estimations as to what they thought the caterpillars would turn into!

Growing And Changing- caterpillars

All 5 of our caterpillars have now made their journey to the top of the tub! The chidlren were really excited when they noticed the caterpillars had moved. We looked at some non-ficition books and explored the changes caterpillars make. They are now in their cacoon where it may look like they are resting, but they are actually very busy and going throguh lots of different changes.

Growing And Changing- butterflies

We have 5 butterflies! They have spent 3 days in the classroom where they have been fed fruit and sugar water to ensure they have lots of energy once released. The children in Nursery took the butterflies to Forest School where they were released. Lots of the children were really brave and held the butterflies!

Chinese New Year

The children in Nursery have enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year and exploring other cultures.

Here are some of the things we have discovered:

Red is a very popular colour, as it is thought to be lucky!

•People stay up until midnight setting off fireworks to celebrate.

•Children wake up to find red envelopes filled with money and sweets under their pillow.

•Some people in China speak a different language which is known as Mandarin.

•Chinese letters and numbers look very different to English letters an numbers! We have had a go at writing some of these.

Xin Nian Kuai Le

We have been reading the story "Dragons in the city". The story taught us some great things all about Chinese New Year. We learnt how to say 'Happy New Year' in Chinese "Xin Nian Kuai Le".

We discovered that people in China celebrate by going to festivals. In the story Bo and Evie are really excited to see the dragon dance 'the best part of the festival'. The Dragon is a huge puppet on sticks and it makes its way through the street. We then looked on youtube to see if we could find any videos of this celebration. The children loved watching the dragon moving around. We all stood up and pretended to move around the classroom like a dragon puppet!


A Taste of China

Nursery celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese Banquet. The Children explored new foods and had a go at using chopsticks to eat their noodles! We all agreed that Chinese food is yummy!









Chinese New Year

superheroes 2021

The children in Nursery have enjoyed focussing their learning around our topic of 'Superheroes' this term. Children at home and in class have been reading suphero stories, making superhero masks and pretending to be superheroes! We had a talk about real life superhereos that help us everyday. The children decided that Firefighters, Doctors & Nurses, Police, Teachers and Vets were all real life superheroes because they help people all the time.

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