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Welcome to Year 1

Teachers: Mrs Buckland and Miss Bennett 

This has been a year like no other! We have faced many challenges and learned so much. It hasn't been the end we all hoped for but we have had so much fun throughout the year! Mrs Williams and I want to wish you all an amazing holiday; we have loved watching how far you have grown. Enjoy your rest, and prepare for more adventures in Year 2! 

Knowsley Safari Park

We had an amazing day at Knowsley Safari Park today. 


In art this half term we have been learning how to weave. Fristly we made a placemat using paper. Then we learned about the artist Maryanne Moodie before we created our own wall  hanging. These are some of our finished creations. 


Science in the forest

In Science we learned about diciduous and evergreen trees. We then discussed the different vocabulary related to trees and compared it to when we labelled a plant, highlighting the differences and similarities. Outside we created our own tree artwork using natural objects. Then we had to share our pieces explaining the different parts of tree they had created and explained whether their tree was diciduous or evergreen. 


Fun Maths

We had a brilliant maths lesson with Dave Godfry from Number Fun. We sang and acted out a number bonds song, 'Farmer Pete has lost his sheep' and we learned about division by sharing out dinosaurs into different groups.  




In Art we have been learning about how clothes are made. We looked at the vocabulary for weaving including loom, alternate, fabric and textiles. We then created our own placemats with paper. It was trickier than we thought! 

Fruit kebabs

For our Design and Technology project we learned the importance of healthy eating. We learned to cut different fruits before creating our own fruit kebabs. They were delicious!!! 

Sports Day

We had an amazing day today for our Sports Day. We started our day playing crazy golf through the KS2 corridor before learning how to skip. After that we moved to the Bitesize bootcamp and a quick rugby session before lunch. After a rest, we started our afternoon playing traditional Sports Day games and then football. We needed am ice cream due to the warm weather but finished the day practising our throwing skills with an inflatable basketball hoop and target. What a day! We had the best day.  


During this half term we have been looking closly into the Easter story, thinking about how the disciples felt during each day of Holy week. Today we explored Pentecost, a celebration of the Holy Spirit descending on the disciples. It sounded like a strong wind and looked like tongues of fire.  The disciples then talked in foreign languages. After this day, the disciples went on to help others and spread God's love and how Jesus had come to save them. We reinacted different parts of the story and thought again how the disciples felt and the questions they must have asked.

Toys in Space Party

We have been reading the story, 'Toys in Space' by Mini Grey. The story is about some friends who meet an alien called Hoctopize who has lost his favourite toy Cuddles somewhere on Earth. He has taken toys from hundreds of children trying to find his Cuddles and his new friends have to convince him that he needs to give the toys back. The toys then hold a party to try to cheer the Hoctopize up. Ask your child to tell you the story so far. 


The children in Year 1 have taken part in a gymnastics lesson today with our visiting coach. They all worked hard, were able to show off their gymnastics skills and behaved impeccably. Well done Year 1!

Celebration assembly

We had a lovely celebration assembly outside on Friday. Sharing our amazing learning from this week. We finished our worship by singing one of our favourite hymns 'My Lighthouse.' It made us all so happy for the rest of the day.  


Summer newsletter

Attached is our Summer newsletter for parents. 

Happy St George's Day!


Amazing writers

This half term, we are studying the book 'Toys in Space.' Today we discussed adjectives to describe the stars in the night sky. Harrison and Johnathan tried really hard with their writing, remembering to include capital letters, full stops and using their phonics to sound out the words. We were all very proud of their amazing work. Keep it up boys! 


Our amazing playtime equipment

We had lovely playtimes today with our exciting new equipment. The sun even shone for us! 


Science- plants

In Science, we are discovering how plants grow and what is needed for them to live. . Today we focused on different trees; learning about deciduous and coniferous trees and how they change with the seasons. What better way to explore this, than spending the Spring afternoon in forest school with the trees. 


Design and Technology

For our Design and technology topic we needed to investigate sliders and levers to make a card. We all enjoyed investigating different moving cards, designing our own Easter card before making and evalulating it. It was harder than we thought and we needed to work together to support each other but we were so proud of our end results! 

Geography- Where is latchford?

We had a great time this week learning all about Latchford and the waterways near to us. We looked at the Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey, finding them and labelling them on a map. We then looked at which waterway was created by humans (human geography) and which was natural  (physical geography). Great work everybody!  


THank you

Year 1 wanted to say a massive thank you to all of our families who have been doing a brilliant job of teaching us! 

IMG_4955 (1)

Fun Friday

Our final Friday before we are all reunited! This weeks. Fun Friday was based on us having fun and enjoying our time with our families. It has been a very strange few weeks for all of us so it is important to have fun and enjoy each others company! This week we asked you to make a worry doll, bake a cake or chocolate Easter nests, create a suncatcher for our outside area and to go out for a walk, bike ride or scooter ride to add miles to our sponsored walk. It looks like you all had a great day with your families! 

World Book Day

This years World Book day centred around the book , The boy, the mole., the fox and the horse. We looked at different quotes from the book, thinking about at the messages in more detail. We created a hug for one of our friends or family; produced a self portrait and wrote who we love around the outside; we challenged ourselves to complete a line of kindness bingo and thought about different ways we can help ourselves when we feel sad. It wouldn't be World Book Day if we didn't do all of this work whilst dressed as our favourite book character! 

Amazing mathematicians

This week I can see how hard you are all working on improving your number bonds to 5, 10 and 20. Congratulations to Georgia, Charlotte, Poppy, Harrison and Aya for their numbots certificates this week! 

Super star learners!

Congratulations to Charlotte Alcock and Harrison Bennett for being our Dojo Champions this week! Your have both worked so hard. A further congratulations to Harrison who will recieve a special mention from Mrs Williams for trying really hard with your writing, I can see how much effort you are putting in! 


Chinese New Year

Our Fun Friday today has centered around Chinese New Year. We have learned all about the Lunar New Year tradition. Afterwards we were really creative and made our own Chinese dragons and celebration crowns using a repearting patterns. 

We have also looked after our bodies and minds learning Tai Chai and  meditattion.  We finished our day writing our name in Chinese. 

Super mathematicians

We have some super mathematicians this week! Congratulations Ava, Charlotte and Georgia. Your perseverance is paying off! 

Internet safety day and women in Science day.

This week we have been learning about two important dates in our calendar. Internet safety day focused on who we can trust on the internet and whether information was always reliable. We thought about how to keep outselves safe from this and created posters to help others. 

Women in Science Day: We learned about Ada Lovelace, Katherine Johnathan and Rosolind Franklin and their incrable contribution to our world. We then became Scientists and  thought of our own inventions. Great work Ava and Isla! 

Star learners this week!

We have had some amazing learning in our final week before half term! Congratualtions to Isla and Tamara, our dojo champions this week and to Charlotte who will be recieveing your Special mention from Mrs Williams in the post for great resiliance in a very challenging time!  

R.E- Forgiveness

In our RE lessons, we have continued our theme of Forgiveness. We listened to the story of Jonah and the Whale and thought of how Christians ask for forgiveness just as Jonah did. We then created posters to encourage Christians to pray to God and ask for forgiveness when they have done wrong. Lovley posters Lola, Poppy and Elizabeth! 

Good to be me

Good to be me.MP4

For 'Fun Friday' Year 1 and Reception learned 'It's Good to be Me' using sign language. Great effort everyone! 

Star learners this week

This week Mrs Parkinson and Miss Hine have been so impressed with the learning in Year 1. Dojo winner was very close but in the end it came down to two winners: Congratulations Aya and Johnathan! Aya has also gained Mrs Williams Special mention as she has tried hard all week with all of her learning and always has  a positive attitude.


Children's mental health week

This week Year 1 has taken time to think about our own mental wellbeing. We have created artwork, rang loved ones and baked. We finished the week with 'Fun Friday' where we have done some yoga, created a worry monster, learned sign language, created energy slime and a coping wheel all to get us thinking about our emotions and how we can control them. 


In R.E. this half term we are looking  at Forgiveness. This week we listened to the story on Jonah and the whale. We pretended to be Jonah and thought about the reasons he disobeyed God. 

R.E 1(1)
R,E 3
R.E 2

Amazing Mathematicians

Last week, two childen worked exceptionally hard and improved their math skills, recalling their number bonds to 5, 10 and 20. Well done Georgia and Charlotte!

Numbots 1(1)


Reading wb 5th October 2020

We have now been able to set books to each child’s Reading Eggs account which is based on our assessments in school. We have allocated one book this week. To access, log into Reading Eggs as normal but choose Reading Eggspress where your child will be able to start their assignment.  There is a quiz after the book to check comprehension.  Please ensure that the ‘read to me’ button at the top of the page is switched off.

In addition to this we are starting to send reading books home – your child will be issued a reading book on a Monday and they should bring this into school with them daily. The level of the book given is based currently on the guided reading that we have done in class and assessments in school this year.   Please sign and comment in the reading diary so that we know your child has read at home.

On Thursday, the books will be collected and then re-issued the following Monday.

Year 1 phonics

We have been working hard on recapping phase 2 phonemes and using these to practise our segmenting and blending skills.

Here is a link to some BBC Bitesize videos   https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zf2yf4j

We have also worked on some of the phase 3 phonemes in our phonics sessions:

j sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zv3cy9q

v sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zmp3pg8

w sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zmnbnrd

x sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/z7p3pg8

y sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zfcwcqt

z sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zrj6jhv

zz sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/znrdrj6

qu sound https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvq9bdm/articles/zrqtqp3

In class we have used http://www.phonicsplay.co.uk – you can still use this at home currently using march20/home as the login.  Have a go at the phase 2 and phase 3 games. We have been working on our letter formation during phonics too!

MacMillan Fundraiser – FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

Don’t forget it’s non-uniform day this Friday 25th September, to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support! Please bring a £1 donation to school on Friday and hand it to a member of staff in your child’s pod at the gate. Many thanks for your support.

Welcome to Y1

Welcome to our Year 1 Class

Welcome to our returning and new children and parents/carers – we are delighted to see our children being able to attend school again after a difficult period and we look forward to meeting everyone and working together over the coming months.

Please come back to this page to see what we will be doing during this term.

Mrs R Parkinson

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