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Welcome to Year 4

Check out our amazing work from year 4!

River's Rodents and Reptiles

On Fun Friday we had a very special visitor, in fact we had several very special visitors. Some of us in year 4 joined in with River's Reptiles and Rodents and learned so much about lizards, snakes, tortoises, rats and guinea pigs.

Thank you very much River and all his animals and thank you to all the children who took part. We hope you learned lots about these brilliant animals!


Fun Friday

For Children's mental health day this year, around school we had a fun Friday!

We focused on our mental health by Expressing Ourselves in different ways,

Take a look at some of the brilliant baking and awesome artwork from our Fun Friday! Hope you all enjoyed yourself

Speech Sandwiches

Some fantastic work from our home learning!

We had a go at writing a speech sandwich at home, a way to make dialogue and speech in our stories so much more interesting to read.

Check out 3 'speech sandwiches' written by our year 4s at home.

christmas poem

MacMillan Fundraiser – FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

Welcome to Y4

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