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The school has a Homework Policy and there is a leaflet available to parents to explain this. Key Stage 1 pupils are expected to read regularly at home with their carers and a literacy and numeracy based task is sent home regularly. Every child has a Homebook for teacher/parent comments. At Key Stage 2, reading is expected each day, although it may be in the context of research. There will also be more set numeracy and literacy homework in addition to spellings, tables and topic-based homework. Each class has a clearly set out timetable for homework that is available from the class teacher. Consequences are in place if homework is not completed.

Day and residential visits are part of the school’s curriculum enrichment and are arranged throughout the year.
Enquiries regarding the curriculum or any related matter may be made of the Headteacher.

If any situation ever gives rise to a formal complaint, it should be discussed with the Headteacher and if it cannot be resolved, it will be referred to the Chair of Governors. The school has a complaints procedure, a copy can be provided on request from the school office.

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