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Meet our Reception Team

Mrs Bates 

Teaching Assistant and Speech and Language Therapy

My name is Mrs Bates and I have worked at Latchford St James for 10 years.

I specialise in Speech and Language and work with lots of children to help develop their listening and attention skills, understanding and speech.

I love outdoor learning – especially den building, using different materials to create dens for our magical adventures! My hobbies include; exploring new places, woodland walks and family nights in with my children.

Miss Peever

Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Peever and I have worked at Latchford St James for 15 years.

have spent all of my time at Latchford St James in EYFS. I absolutely love my job and love seeing the children learn and grow. My favourite area of learning is Art. I enjoy being creative with materials, paints, and natural resources.

In my spare time I enjoy going on lots of walks with my dog Patch.

I also love making my own crafts at home and spending time with my friends and family.

Meet our Nursery Team

Miss Green

Nursery Teacher

My name is Miss Green and I have been working at Latchford St James for just over a year. I first joined the school in 2018 whilst I was completing my teacher training and I was lucky enough to be invited back the following academic year to teach in Key Stage 1.  I am delighted to be joining the EYFS team and teaching in Nursery.

I like to be creative in my spare time and I enjoy designing and making crafts. This passion of mine is transferred into the classroom which is why my favourite area of learning is Expressive Art and Design. I love to support children to use their imaginations and creativity to explore different media and materials through singing songs, making music, dancing, exploring colours, textures and design!

When I’m not in school I am usually reading Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ over and over again with my little boy, or outside in our local park… also on a bear hunt!

Miss Brookhouse

Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Brookhouse and I have worked in the Nursery class at Latchford St James for 3 years so far. I have lots of experience in Early Years and have worked in this area for many years. I love learning in Nursery and seeing the children grow in confidence and shine. I am first aid trained and help to care for lots of children across the school.

I enjoy being imaginative and joining the children on lots of fun adventures. You can often find me taking on different roles in class, for example, a tiger at the zoo or even the role of The Big Bad Wolf when the children are retelling their favourite stories!  I love art and craft activities too (the messier the better).

At home I like to spend time with my family. I enjoy long walks with my dog Milo and helping others. I also enjoy singing and dancing too.

EYFS Curriculum

At Latchford St James our Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of one Nursery Class (children aged 3 and 4) and one Reception Class (children aged 4 and 5). Our staff work together to provide children with high quality teaching and learning opportunities to give them the best start to their education.

The children in Foundation Stage work within the EYFS statutory framework and the Development Matters Guidance document is used to inform planning and assessment.

On this page, you will have the opportunity to look at the curriculum we implement within the EYFS. If you wish to see photos or find out more about our current EYFS classes, then please look on our Nursery and Reception class page.

The EYFS curriculum is made up of the Characteristic of Effective Learning and the prime and specific areas of learning (which are all interconnected).


Within the EYFS, we plan for the children’s interests and choose topics based on questions that they ask. We have a fluid curriculum, so the plans attached may change.


At Latchford St James we intend that our curriculum educates all of our children in knowledge, skills and understanding to be effective, inquisitive, curious, independent learners and influence their wider thinking across all areas of the curriculum. We wish to inspire our children to ‘be the best that they can be’ as individuals in their learning and in the community.

In EYFS children experience the seven areas of learning through a range of teaching experiences, such as whole class/group teaching and play based learning (we call this Learning Time). This is taught using the children’s interests, themes, continuous provision activities and independent learning challenges.  Learning is carefully planned by the staff to support early reading, writing, mathematics, personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language development, fine motor and gross motor development, as well as nurturing creativity and imagination through expressive arts and design. We encourage our children to be inquisitive and to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world. Our team also intend (wherever possible) to link our learning to real life ‘problems’ to give learning a purpose that encourages children to practise and apply taught skills.


At Latchford St James C of E School, we encourage children to demonstrate their attitudes and behaviours to learning through the Characteristics of Effective Learning. Our curriculum is designed to recognise their prior learning by providing first hand learning experiences and allowing the children to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and become creative, critical thinkers to enable them to challenge themselves.  We ensure the content of the curriculum is taught in a logical progression so that children build on prior learning. Teaching is differentiated to ensure progress is made by all children at all times.  This is carried out through use of resources, questioning, level of support and challenge and the support of additional adults within our team.

We understand to maintain high standards of teaching we have to invest in our staff by providing high quality CPD to match the current needs of both staff and children. Teachers in EYFS create an environment to match the needs and skill levels of our children and use their own teacher assessments and gap analysis to inform their planning and the quality provision.

We recognise that reading is a key to all other learning and ensure quality phonic sessions are being taught daily using the whole school approach of Letters and Sounds.  Children’s reading books match their phonic ability and we read aloud to the children, share stories and rhymes.

We encourage parents to read with their child and to recognise the importance of reading to their child on a daily basis to promote an enjoyment and love of reading.  We also recognise that children need a vast range of vocabulary in order to succeed in life. This is modelled by all members of staff and shared with children throughout all learning experiences. We also provide additional Speech and Language support to those who we believe would benefit from it using ‘Chatty Therapy’ and ‘Talk Boost’ programmes.

At this stage in a child’s life, learning through play is vital. We use the environment to ensure their needs are met through continuous provision, enhanced provision and independent learning challenges. This is planned around a theme or topic that the children are interested in.  Staff teach an objective through whole class teaching, small group teaching and going into provision to observe children’s play and move learning forward.  They record ‘snapshot’ evidence of children’s learning to build an overall picture and set next steps for learning.  All staff members assess the learning that takes place within every session. This helps teachers to identify any children that need more support to achieve the objective and those that need challenging. This may be instantaneous if appropriate.

We believe the enjoyment of the curriculum promotes achievement, confidence and good behaviour.  Our children feel safe to try new things, take risks and make mistakes which they can learn from in order to succeed and achieve.

Leadership, Assessment and Feedback

The leadership of EYFS is the responsibility of the EYFS leader and the Headteacher.  The EYFS leader has a clear role and has the responsibility of overseeing the progress of all children within the Foundation Stage.

All EYFS staff members contribute to the summative and formative assessments of each child within their class. Observations and discussions between the team build up a ‘Learning Journey’ for each child which is recorded on each child's Tapestry profile. This helps to inform each child’s next steps which are displayed within the classroom and shared with parents and carers regularly. For Reception children the Early Learning Goals are used to make the end of year judgements. These assessments are fed back to parents in the end of year school reports.


The curriculum design ensures all children, regardless of age or ability, have the same opportunity and are strongly encouraged to succeed being ‘the best that they can be’. Interventions are carefully planned where necessary to remove any barriers to an individual’s learning. Our EYFS curriculum and team can be seen to be impacting in a very positive way on pupil outcomes, with an aim to increase attainment and develop lifelong learning skills within our pupils. We teach our children to believe in themselves, to never give up, always try their best and be the best that they can be. We ensure our children know that they are part of our school community and wider community and that they can become anything they wish to.

The EYFS leader is committed to raising standards by attending relevant CPD and ensuring each child at Latchford St James has the best start to their education and learning journey in our school.

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