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Admissions Information

what the children say they love about our school

We have lots of fun in learning time. I love writing in the sand.' Tolani

'I like school because I can play with my friends.' Abbie

'I like doing phonics because I like learning new letters.' Lucas

'I like Reading Eggs. It is so much fun!' Bobby FS.

'I love my teachers, they are nice.' Ronnie

I love reading books with my best friend.' Klara

'I practise jumping when I play hopscotch.' Grace 

Dr Seuss(1)

what our parents say

'My child, on more than one occasion, has struggled with change but the way the school has assisted with that has honestly blown us away and our gratitude could never be expressed enough to everyone for the positive influence they have had with his development. Not a single day goes by when we don't thank our  lucky stars that we opted for him to attend Latchford St James. Every last member of staff perform their duties in such a caring manner and anyone can see they have a genuine passion for child development and to them this is more than just a job. He literally skips to school and is genuinely excited going to sleep knowing he has school in the morning.' 

More information about the admissions process is available on the Warrington Borough Council website

Primary School Admissions Information Booklet (from Warrington Borough Council)

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