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lands end to john o'groats


To donate to our fundraiser please follow this link:                 https://gofund.me/efdfe929


Week ending 19th March 2021

Well done everyone for an amazing effort in building up the miles on our epic journey from one end of the country to the other. We have now not only reached our destination but are on our way back. We have now reached a staggering 1,133 miles and have reached Loch Lommond on the return journey to Lands End. Our total is £590 so far which is absolutely amazing so well done everyone who has taken part.

We now have only two weeks until our challenge comes to an end so lets see if we can achieve our target. 

Week ending 5th March 2021 - We made it!

We have now clocked up an amazing '946 miles' on our journey from Lands End to John O'Groats. This means we have made it to our destination. As we have a few weeks left until our challange finishes, we have started on or return journey to Lands end. Let's see if we can keep going and make it all the way back. What an achievement that will be. 

Please keep walking, running, cycling etc and sending in your mileage. Why not walk to and from school and let us know each week how far you have travelled.

All donations are gratefully recieved. Thanks again and 'keep moving'.

So far, we have clocked up an amazing 323 miles on our journey fron Lands End to John O'Groats and raised £250. We have just passed through Stoke on Trent and have visited Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol and Coventry. We are now heading towards Knutsford and then Manchester.

Please keep walking/running/cycling and sending in your mileage. All donations are gratefully recieved (please see 'Go Fund Me' link above). 

Thanks again and keep moving! smiley


We would like to raise money for developing our outside areas at school and are planning a walking challenge for everyone. The challenge is to collaboratively travel the distance between Lands Ends and John o’ Groats which is a total of 874 miles. We would like to complete this challenge within a period of six weeks. Our target is to raise £1,000.

So how will this work?

Children, parents and staff will be invited to walk, run, cycle etc as far and as frequently as they can, sending their total  miles for each week in to school. This will enable us to track our journey and show how far we have ‘travelled’ on our map of the UK. To get there in the allocated time we would collectively need to clock up a staggering 147 miles each week!

The challenge will begin tomorrow, Saturday 13th February and finish on Friday 26th March.

Please could you update us weekly via our fundraising email: fundraising@latchfordstjames.co.uk with the total miles you and your child have walked/cycled/run that week. We will announce the total mileage each Friday.

We encourage you to share via Class Dojo any photographs of your child/children completing their activities. There will be certificates for incentives that will run alongside this challenge and we will inform you of these on a weekly basis.

For the half term week perhaps the children could dress up as their favourite character or take a selfie on their walk? Photos will be shared on the website. As we track our ‘journey’, we will update you on famous places and landmarks we may pass.

Anyone who would like to participate, please make donations to our ‘Go Fund Me’ page. A link will be shared on our school website, our Facebook page and Class Dojo.

So, grab your coat, put on your shoes and move it move it!!!

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