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Hello everyone!

We hope that you have enjoyed your Easter break and you’re now ready to start the new home learning activities.

We have enjoyed looking at the photos on our Facebook page and also photos sent through Purple Mash or the school for us to look at!  We have seen some great work happening at home, thanks for sharing, it’s lovely to see what you’re all doing.

Here are the new activities for this week:


Morning Maths:

Morning Maths Year 1 Monday

Morning Maths Year 1 Tuesday

Morning Maths Year 1 Wednesday

Morning Maths Year 1 Thursday

Morning Maths Year 1 Friday

There are new activities on My Maths, please try and access them. If you are having problems with your log in, e mail us through Purple Mash.
log in username latchford  password divide 66 to access the school account, then your individual log in to get into your tasks

White Rose Maths

This weeks work is focused on making doubles, grouping, sharing, finding a half then on Friday Maths Challenges!

You can access this work here and you can also find the work from before the holidays if you have not been able to do that yet.

You also have your Numbots to continue with – look for the school name (postcode WA4 1AP) and then enter your user name and password.


We have set another 2 activities for SPAG on based on grammar and capital letters and full stops.  If you have not had a chance to do so, please log in and complete previous tasks.

We have assigned a book from Serial Mash diamonds called The Ostrich and the very long neck.  Work has been set on all chapters 1 – 5 with supporting tasks. Please complete the activity at the end of each chapter. (Click on 2 do)

If you would like additional reading material, here is the link for Oxford Owls for Home,

When you register free.  you can then Click on any of the e books to read.

Please continue to play the phase 5 games on phonics play which is currently free to access

Well done to those that have managed to go on Teach Your Monster to Read, some are doing really well on this!  It is still available on

Spelling shed –  This week you are working on split vowel digraph o-e

Writing this week is based around ‘Taking Shelter’. Read what you can and talk through the questions.  There is a sentence writing task too. Please use your writing book to record this work.  Send me a photo if you can through Purple Mash!

193_Taking_Shelter pobble 365


We are now starting our topic on plants.  This week, take a look at the plants/trees in your garden/yard. If you have not got any plants in your yard, try and get some pots ready as we will be trying to do some growing!

Here is some information for parents :

Talk to a grown up about these things:  Do you know the difference between a seed and a bulb? What does a plant need to grow?

Watch this clip – What does a plant need to grow ? Where do plants grow best? (Clips from BBC bitesize KS1).


To keep yourselves fit this week bike rides with family or short walks are lovely but here are some new links for when you are inside:

Cosmic Kids Yoga – Star Wars

Zumba kids I like to move it

Go Noodle Dinosaur stomp


BBC Bitesize are currently offering daily lessons on their website – there are some lovely sessions coming up!

If you would like to try some out this week,  the link is


Please get in touch via the e mail on Purple Mash if there are any problems. We hope that you enjoy your learning this week !