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Year 2 Homework

Due in Wednesday 7th October



I am now able to set books to each child’s Reading Eggs account based on their benchmarking assessment at the start of the year. I have allocated 2 books initially for a week. These can be accessed by logging in as normal but then going to READING EXPRESS. At the end of the story there is a ‘quiz’ to check comprehension. Please ensure that the ‘read to me’ button at the top of the page is switched off.


All children are expected to read x3 week however, if they read x5 week (alongside completing homework and staying on ‘green’) they will be entered in to the draw to be a part of ‘Always Club’.



Spellings are now on Spelling Shed. Please practise these as the children will be tested on them every Wednesday. Each week we will focus on a particular digraph (2 letters that make 1 sound) and look at the alternative spellings for that phoneme.

Each week the children will have 3 words for each spelling and 1 Common Exception Word (CEW), making a total of 10 words. Next week we will be tested on oa/o_e/oe (all make the same long o sound as in boat/cone/toe).













Log in to Purple Mash. Go to ‘2Do’


Click on the ‘Describe a pirate’ 2Do.

We are continuing to learn about adjectives and how best to use them in sentences. Please support your child to write a range of adjectives before the noun. There are pirates in our class book ‘The Troll’ by Julia Donaldson.

Below are the steps we have looked at it class:

  1. One adjective before a noun– The pirate has a brown hat.
  2. Two adjectives with a comma – The pirate has a smelly, brown hat.
  3. Use ‘with’ or ‘that’ to specify the type of noun – The pirate has a brown hat that has a large hole in it.
  4. Explain where the noun is – The pirate has a brown hat on the top of his head.


We are continuing with our place value work. Visit the maths ‘2Do’ and complete the quiz. It is looking at the value of the digits in a 2-digit number. So what is the value of the 4 in 47? It is worth 40 because it is 4 tens.


Any problems, then please get in touch.


Mrs Marsden.