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Hello Year 2,

With all the restrictions in place, how we learn at school is changing all the time. Home learning will also be changing as we will move away from Purple Mash to using Google Classrooms. Google Classroom is an excellent resource that will allow me to communicate with you in different ways and will allow me to see any work that you do at home.

The first step in moving to Google Classroom is to accept the invite that has been sent to you. Each child will be given a log in this week that will be stuck in their reading record;  can you please click on the ‘9 circles’ at the top of a google browser search page and enter your log in details. Please don’t change any log in details.

Once there, if they can click on ‘pupil’ and then on the classroom tab at the top of the page and hopefully there is a quiz there for you to complete on our class book ‘The Troll” by Julia Donaldson.

This will be the only homework set this week (other than spellings and home reading). It is important that we all take the time to get used to this new platform so that we can be up and running if learning needs to move away from school in the future.

I appreciate all the support and learning that you are doing at home. I know it isn’t always easy to fit it in but everything you do at home makes a real difference. Any problems then please get in touch. For now, I’m still checking Purple Mash emails so that is the best option if you need to speak to me this week.

Mrs Marsden



Mrs Marsden’s Group

The ‘oo’ digraph is our focus  this week; spelt ‘oo’ as in ‘moon’; ‘ue’ as in blue and ‘ew’ as in grew. Be careful that you are saying the correct pronunciation – see the short video below.

  1. grew
  2. flew
  3. screw
  4. smooth
  5. broom
  6. swoop
  7. blue
  8. cruel
  9. true
  10. when

Miss Fives’ Group

Miss Fives’ group have been looking at two digraphs – ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ and the High Frequency Words ‘he/she’

  1. shop
  2. wish
  3. cash
  4. chin
  5. much
  6. rich
  7. he
  8. she

Home Reading

From next week we are going to begin to give reading books out again to take home. I’m sure that you will agree that this is a positive step as it is always better for young children to be ‘holding’ a book rather than just reading on an electronic device. However, there will be rules put in place for this to go ahead safely.

Each child will be given a book every Monday that they can take home and read. This will be collected every Thursday and ‘quarantined’ before being put back in to circulation. Home reading over the weekend will be a book that is set by me on ‘Reading Eggspress’ or they can continue reading on Reading Eggs.

To make this simple and to get in to a routine, I suggest that the children bring their books back in to school every day along with their reading record. Myself or Miss Fives will check reading records each Thursday alongside checking the children’s comprehension of what they have read. Additionally, the online reading will be checked each Monday for reading completed over the weekend.

Please support your child in reading at home as it is without a doubt the single most important thing you can do to support their progress in school. There are lots of rewards in school for regular reading including 3 dojos per day, entry in to ‘Always Club’ and the ‘Reading Star’ award.

Again, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if there are an problems with the home learning. I’m more than happy to help.