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***Please log in to Google Classroom if you haven’t already done so – all homework will be set on here in the future***


Half Term Homework


Myself and Miss Fives are very proud of how hard the children have worked over this first half term in Year 2. It has been challenging in lots of ways and the perseverance of the children and their ability to adapt to change is a credit to them all. I’d like to thank all of the parents too for supporting the children in their learning at home. Together we can work to help the children catch up on the learning they have missed during lockdown.



I’ll be sending a book home for over the holiday. Please encourage your child to read it at least 2-3 times. Rereading a text is important as it allows the reader to gain confidence and become more fluent. It also aids comprehension. In addition to this, I have set 2 books on Reading Eggspress – please read these and answer the quiz questions at the end. Remember to turn off the ‘read to me’ function at the top of the page.



I’ve noticed that lots of children are spelling High Frequency Words incorrectly in their writing so I’d like all children to practise these over the holiday. We will have a ‘quiz’ when we come back to see how many they know!

Miss Fives Spelling Group

will that this
see for now
he she we
you they all


Mrs Marsden’s Spelling Group

went It’s from
said have like
come were there
out what children




Practise your basic skills on the numbots website.

We have been practising counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s in class. Support your child with this by watching (and joining in if you wish!) to this fun counting song…


Enjoy your holidays together and I look forward to seeing everyone when we are back!

Mrs Marsden