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Hello Year 2 and welcome back!

I hope you all had a really lovely Easter and didn’t eat too many eggs! Home learning will be set again from Monday 20th April, as this should have been the start of our Summer Term.



I will continue to set work on MyMaths however, I’d like you also to take a look at the lessons on the White Rose Maths website. They have a lesson a day, with a video attached that explains how to go about each question. You don’t have to do both MyMaths and White Rose (unless you want to!)  – just choose which you prefer. If you do decide on following White Rose, then it would be lovely to hear how you found the questions – remember you can email me through purplemash. Just do one lesson a day; there is a video, questions and the answers. I hope you enjoy it!



Go to and practise any of the Phase 5 games.

We have a new spelling pattern and the next set of Common Exception Words to practise at

The spelling is the ‘z’ sound (sounds like “juh”) that is sometimes spelt using ‘s’. Practise writing these before having a go at the games. You could teach a member of your family the noughts and crosses spelling game we play in school.



Visit and complete the tests set. Four new activities have been added for the next week.

On  go to Home/2Do/Createastory. You can choose between ‘My Simple Story’ or ‘My Story’, depending on how confident you feel using the animations. (If you don’t want to do this on the computer that’s fine – simply write your story in your home learning book).

I have set you a challenge for the week to write a story using the image below as your starting point. This should take you all week so please don’t rush and think carefully about including all the things we have been working on in class. I have given a suggested timetable for this below – obviously it is up to you when and how you do it. Each section should be about a paragraph (3-8 sentences) long.

Monday Plan the story in your home learning book.


Use the questions under the image to help you.


Remember a plan doesn’t need to be really detailed – or even in full sentences. Just jot down the main ideas.

Beginning: Introduce the characters. Where is it set? What is the build up to the main event?


Middle: What problem occurs? How does the character respond to the problem?


End: How is the problem resolved. What lesson does the character learn from their adventure?

Tuesday Write the beginning. Include expanded noun phrases:

·         2 adjectives before the noun, separated by a comma “the tall, slim man” “the busy, noisy street”

·         Include with/that after the noun “the tall man with the heavy briefcase” “the grey buildings that towered over the street”


Include different punctuation: ! ? ,

·         The man couldn’t believe that no one could see him!

·         Why had he suddenly turned invisible?

·         The man walked past the cars, busy shops and groups of people.


Include conjunctions: these can be in the middle or at the start of a sentence.

·         And, but, so

·         when, because, if

The man could go anywhere because no one could see him.

If he stayed invisible for ever he knew he would be miserable.

Wednesday Write the middle.
Thursday Write the end.
Friday Edit your work and check you have included:

·         an example of each objective

·         capitals for names and at the start of sentences

·         full stops

·         pictures or animations


What can you see?                          Who is the Invisible Man?                            Why is he invisible?

Where is he going?         Why is he carrying someone in his briefcase?      How did he get there?   Is he trying to get out?                 Does the Invisible Man know that he’s there?    Who is that?

Visit and read a text from ‘Serial Mash’. Remember to complete the quizzes and activities for the text you chose.

Continue to visit  and complete the comprehensions.



Also, if you are looking for creative ideas or want something extra to do then you can access a month’s free resources on Twinkl.