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Hello Year 2,

I have really enjoyed speaking to some of you over the phone. It has been great to hear how you’ve been keeping busy over the lockdown period.

Here is the learning for this week, any problems then get in touch through Purple Mash.

Mrs Marsden.



Again, I’m not going to set any new work on MyMaths this week. Keep working through any that you haven’t completed.

I’ve set something slightly different this week, based on a feedback from you and your parents. Here are 3 arithmetic tests for you to try. Remember to show your working out and not do every calculation mentally.




You can also work through the word problems on fractions here.

Yr 2 – Spring Block 4 – Fractions

Practise your mental maths skills on this fun game:

You can play any of the following– number bonds, halves, doubles, times tables (x2, x5, x10)


Remember to keep practising on Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars.



Go to and practise any of the Phase 5 games.


We are looking at apostrophes’ this week. An apostrophe is used when an object belongs to something e.g. Sam’s hat – the hat belongs to Sam. The apostrophe always is added to the thing that the object belongs to. So the cat’s food not the cats food’.


In addition please practise the list of words and the Common Exception Words at




Visit ‘Once Upon A Picture’ and complete any of the activities from the Character Collection.


Recap what you know about verbs.


Being able to spot errors in your writing is a really important skill. Practise it here.




Listen to the story ‘The Night Box’ and have a go at answering the questions.


Continue reading the book banded books on .


You can continue to read texts on Serial Mash on and answer the comprehension activities.


Continue to visit



With us all spending so much time online, I thought it was worth reminding ourselves the rules for keeping safe.



Have a go at this fun activity where you can make your own musical instruments.




There are lots of fun activities and lessons on BBC Bitesize and Twinkl that you can access.