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Hello Year 2

I hope you all managed to enjoy the sunshine over the past week. It was very hot in school! It was lovely to speak to more of you over the phone and find out about how you’ve been keeping busy.

Here is the learning for this week, any problems then get in touch through Purple Mash.

Mrs Marsden.


Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is back! I am encouraging you to do as much reading as possible over the summer. All you have to do is register and be ready to read 6 fun books over the holidays.

Please read about this year’s ‘Silly Squad’ challenge here.



On MyMaths please continue to work through any that you haven’t completed.

Here are another 3 arithmetic tests for you to try. Remember to show your working out and not do every calculation mentally.




You can also work through some word problems on statistics here.

Yr 2 – Spring Block 2 – Statistics

Funky Mummy is a fun game and allows you to practise a range of mental maths skills. You can click on any of the games here.

Remember to keep practising on Numbots and Times Table Rock Stars.



If you have a sibling at home then why not play against them in this fun spelling game? Or you could try and beat an adult! You can choose Y1 or Y2 words as we have covered nearly all the spelling curriculum at this point in the year. It should be played on a tablet.

If you haven’t got a tablet at home, don’t worry – you can still practise your spellings here.

In addition please practise the list of ‘challenge’ words and the Common Exception Words at



Visit ‘Once Upon A Picture’ and complete any of the activities from the Character Collection.

Last week I asked you to recap what you know about verbs. Can you name the verbs in the pictures?

name the verb

We have covered past and present tense this year and how the verb changes – often by adding ‘ed’ to the end to show the past. Have a go at this worksheet where you have to identify different verbs.

past and present tense

I’ve also added another test on to the website. This is an old end of Y2 test that would be good for you to look at as a recap of some of the things you’ve covered this year.



I’ve attached some ’60 second read’ comprehensions. You can choose any of the ones below; they are all about Toys.

The History of the Yoyo Activity Card

Go Fish Activity Card

Victorian Toys Activity Card

Mr Snuggles Gets Lost Activity Card

Continue reading the book banded books on .

You can continue to read texts on Serial Mash on and answer the comprehension activities.

Continue to visit



We did have a few Spanish lessons last term. See what you can remember here.



We covered materials before the lockdown. Can you remember some of the ways in which materials can be changed?



There are lots of fun activities and lessons on BBC Bitesize and Twinkl that you can access.