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This week was National Poetry Week! We were extremely lucky and were visited by the poet Ian Bland who performed a selection of his own work, which all of the children thoroughly enjoyed! In Year 3 and 4, we had a workshop with Ian who helped us write our own kennings. Here is a sample of some of our work!


A Kenning for a Dragon

He’s a…

Fire breather

Eye glower

Bone crusher

Human cruncher

Wing flapper

Sky glider

Knight fighter

Scale wearer

Claw scraper

Castle annihilator.

By Daniel and Elijah (Year 3)

A Kenning for my Rabbit

Shes’s a…

Carrot muncher

Nose twitcher

Feet hopper

Ear flopper

Vegetable eater

Cotton tailer

Good hearer

Super jumper

Fast runner

Winter hibernator

Night wanderer.

By Evie-Mae and Lacie (Year 3)