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Hello Year 3,

Thursday 23rd April is St George’s Day. Every year on the 23rd April we celebrate St George. St George is the patron saint of England and people choose to celebrate him in lots of different ways.

Watch this video of St George’s story

To celebrate St George’s Day I’ve attached some activities below that you can complete at home!

St George’s Day Information – A PowerPoint presentation with extra information.

English Flag Template – Make a flag for your home window! You could colour it, paint it, use coloured pieces of paper… be creative!

Design A Dragon – Choose one (or more if you’d like) of these dragons and design it.

St George’s Day Maths Challenges – If you’d like to test yourself on some tricky Maths problems, you can try some of these St George’s Day themed problems.

St George’s Day Wordsearch – Find the key vocabulary in the word search.

Have fun and Happy St George’s Day!

Miss Connolly