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Hello Year 3,

I hope you are all staying safe and working super hard at home! It’s been lovely logging into the home learning websites and seeing how hard you’re all working, keep it up!

Remember to keep checking Purple Mash 2email for any important updates. I will try to reply as soon as I possibly can. Also a little reminder please – when I set the work it has to be completed within the time set. I cannot change any deadlines, so make sure you are accessing and completing all of the work given in time.

As well as these tasks below please remember that it’s super important to have some fun! Watch some films, play in the garden (if possible), learn a new skill or hobby, and above all be safe and help your loved ones as much as you can.

Take care and stay safe. I miss you all!

Miss Connolly



I hope you’ve all been enjoying Joe Wicks’ P.E lessons (even I have been joining in at home – it’s super hard but I feel so much better after I’ve done it!). For anyone that hasn’t seen this yet, every morning at 9am ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks live-streams a 30 minute P.E session for all children to participate in at home. Please take part in this every day by clicking onto his YouTube channel You can also always watch them back at a later time if you can’t tune into the live stream every morning.



This week, I’d like you to take part in the White Rose Maths Summer Term Week 1 online lessons. These are the Year 3 fractions lessons we would have been doing in school. You can find them here

They give you a little video to watch and in the video they teach you how to solve fractions problems. Then you have an activity to complete at the end of each session. There are 5 sessions in total, it could be a good idea to do one session each day. If you can print off the activity sheets and stick them into your blue home learning book that would be great. Don’t worry if you can’t print it out, you can copy the questions neatly into your books.

I have also set some extra tasks on MyMaths that need to be completed;

  • Fractions Calculations
  • Introducing Equivalent Fractions
  • Simple Equivalent Fractions

Tip for parents – There are also lots of practical activities you can do with fractions such as cooking and baking, even lego!

Also, keep going on TT Rockstars (3 times per week at least, for approximately 20-30 minutes). You’ll be times table experts in no time!


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

1.Spelling Shed

You still have the Year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list this week for your spellings. These are the words that the Government tell us we have to learn and be able to spell, so practice these as much as possible.


I have set some more tests on Make sure you are using capital letters, correct punctuation and spellings when you fill in your answers. Otherwise, it may mark your answers wrong.

I’ve set this week;

-KS1 SPAG (Test 2017)

-Types of Sentences

-Noun Phrases


-Apostrophes and Commas



I know lots of you have been really enjoying the books on Purple Mash – Serial Mash! This is a fantastic resource which we have for free while school is closed so make the most of it while you can!

This week I’d like you to;

  1. Finish reading the book called ‘The Settlers’. It is linked to our History learning from Autumn term on The Stone Age. Read chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  2. Answer the quiz questions for each of the chapters.

You can do the other tasks which go with each chapter if you’d like to!



Pobble 365 – Magic Biscuits

This week, I’d like you to use the picture from 19th April called ‘Magic Biscuits’. Complete these tasks in your red home learning books please. Remember, beautiful handwriting and presentation please!

  • Story Starter – Write a story about the magic biscuits Brian bought from the market. What happened?
  • Question Time – Answer these questions as creatively as you can!
  • Perfect Picture! – Imagine Brian gave the biscuits to another animal. Can you draw what they would look like before and after?



Our Science topic this half term is ‘Plants’. I’ve kept a copy of the experiments up this week in case you still want to try these. For plants there are lots of things we could do practically (getting out into your garden if you have one, or during daily exercise maybe visit a grassy area and see how many plants you can see!). Please complete any written work in the red Home Learning book.

Here are some ideas for plants experiments if you are able to do them at home;

  • Plant a seed – do a daily diary and record any observations you make about what happens to the seed.
  • Plant a number of seeds – plant seeds in small cups and put them in different places (one in the dark, one without water, one without soil etc). What happens to each of the different seeds? Write down your observations and results. You can even draw a diagram.
  • Water transportation – how does water travel around a plant? Put white carnations or a piece of fresh celery (with leaves) into a pot of coloured water (use food dye). What happens to your plant after a few days? Write down some of your observations and draw a diagram to show what you have learned.


I know doing these experiments will be tricky for some of you, don’t worry. Below are the written activities to complete for this week’s learning.

Lesson Presentation Fantastic Flowers – Information about flowers

Activity Sheet Flower Dissection Mat – Dissect a flower!

Activity Sheet Parts of a Flower – Label the parts of a flower (choose a level that challenges you)

Activity Sheet Pollination Process – Pollination sequencing activity



Please follow the link below for the Daily Prayer from the Church of England.

Our R.E unit this half term is ‘Discipleship’.Last week, you looked at the Ten Commandments and made some commandments of your own!

This week we are looking at the quote from Proverbs 15:4: ‘Kind words bring life but cruel words crush your spirit’.


I’d like you to create one of our Wordle / Word Art pieces to show how a person may feel if their spirit is ‘crushed’ and the change that happens when a kind word is spoken. Choose a shape that you think links to this, and fill it with words about what would happen to a person. When you finish your piece, you need to download it as a .jpeg file and if possible print it out and put it into your home learning book. You could maybe take a photograph of it too.

Complete your R.E Wordle at You could email yours to and in the subject line write ‘Y3 R.E WordArt’ and include a message asking if yours could be shown on the school Facebook page /  I’d love to see them here!



In Computing, we would be starting our coding unit in Summer term. The following website is really good for coding activities!

If you go on the website, click ‘learn’ at the top, and scroll down the page a little bit until you see ‘Hour of Code Tutorials’. Click this link and then there will be a selection of coding games you can play. In class, we’ve used the Star Wars one before which would be a great place to start. If you want to challenge yourself, you could try one of the other ones on there too.


BBC Bitesize Also search for BBC Bitesize Daily on the BBC iPlayer to watch the celebrity lessons.

The BBC Bitesize website is FULL of daily lessons for you to take part in with some famous celebrities teaching some of the lessons! How exciting! They have lots of activities to learn Art, D.T, Music, Spanish – pretty much everything! It’s fantastic. Explore this website and complete some of the fun activities.