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Hello Year 3,

I hope you are all well and staying safe. I know some of you are working extremely hard at home and I truly am so proud of you. Keep up the brilliant work!

Here are this week’s home learning tasks;



As always, join in with Joe Wicks’ P.E lessons. Please take part in this every day by clicking onto his YouTube channel It is really important to keep fit and healthy and Joe is doing an amazing job helping us all from our homes. You can also always watch them back at a later time if you can’t tune into the live stream every morning, but please do have a go at doing some exercises.


Daily Maths and English

Like last week, I’d like you to be completing the daily Maths and English lessons on BBC Bitesize. You can find them by clicking on this link

The BBC Bitesize lessons are recommended by the government and cover Year 3 curriculum aims. Each day, they put a new daily lesson on with some activity sheets for you to complete. Please work through the video or slideshow and complete the activities afterwards. If possible, you could print out the activity sheets and stick them in your home learning books. If this isn’t possible, copy out the question and answer it neatly in your books.

The BBC Bitesize website also has lessons from some previous weeks. If you haven’t attempted these yet, it would be great to go over them and try and complete some as an extra challenge!


More Maths



As usual, I have also set some activities on MyMaths to complete. This week I have added some more activities focussing on telling the time. Time is a very tricky skill to master, so it will need lots of practice, hard work and perseverance! Being able to tell the time is a life skill (something we need and use in our daily lives) and so it is very important. Throughout the day, keep practising telling the time on different types of clocks and you will soon be an expert.

Please complete the following MyMaths Year 3 time activities this week;

  • Time
  • Telling the time
  • Time between


TT Rockstars

TTRockstars is also very important. By the end of Year 3 you need to know off by heart your 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables so that you’re ready to learn the rest of your times tables by the end of Year 4. Times tables is all about practice, the more you practice the better you will become! You need to go on TTRockstars at least 3 times every week.


More English


As well as the daily English lessons from BBC Bitesize, I have set activities on our usual home learning websites;

The SPAG tests I have set this week are the trickiest ones yet. They are new skills we learned just before school closed, so I am interested to see what you’ve remembered! Don’t worry too much about them, just give them your best go.

  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Subordinate Clauses and Conjunctions
  • Paragraphs and Headings


Spelling Shed

You all have a new spelling list this week. Some of the words you may have seen before in older lists, but they are mixed with other words this time. I can see from the Leader Board how well some of you are doing, keep it up!


Writing – Pobble 365

The Discovery

This week, I’d like you to use the picture from 17th May called ‘The Discovery’. Complete these tasks in your red home learning books please. Remember, beautiful handwriting and presentation please!

  • Story Starter – Complete the story about the discovery. Were the children about to make a huge discovery? What did they find?
  • Question Time – Answer these questions as creatively as you can!
  • Perfect Picture! – What could this creature have looked like when it was alive? Draw it!


Reading – Purple Mash’s Serial Mash

After speaking to some of you via Purple Mash 2email, I know how much you’ve been enjoying the online books on Serial Mash. It’s a brilliant resource that we only have available during school closure, so make the most of it while you can!

This week I’d like you to;

  1. Start the new book I have set called ‘Clean Sweep’. It has a really nice theme about looking after our planet. I’d like you to read chapters 1, 2 and 3 this week please.
  2. Answer the quiz questions for each of the chapters.

You can do the other tasks which go with each chapter if you’d like to!



Oxford Owl is currently offering free e-books (electronic books) for you to read! Follow the link above and you can select a book by age-group or book-band. There are no tasks for these books just enjoy reading them. You will have to ask your parents/guardians to make a free account first so ask them for a little bit of help and then enjoy the free books!



Please follow the link below for the Daily Prayer from the Church of England.


Last week we moved onto a new unit called ‘The Holy Spirit’ and our key question is What does Christian art teach people about the Trinity?

What do you think ‘The Trinity’ is?

The Holy Trinity is a tricky concept to understand. Take a look at this presentation for some information about the Holy Trinity Holy Trinity Information (it is the same presentation as last week to support you)

Task – I’d like you to create your own Holy Trinity symbol. Think about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Can you create a symbol that reflects all three of these different aspects of the trinity, but find a way to link them all together? Draw your symbol, colour it and write a few sentences to explain why you have chosen to represent the trinity in this way. I’d love to see some of your symbols if you can send me some photos on Purple Mash 2email!



I’ve had some fantastic feedback about the coding activities from some of you and your families. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying them! For those of you who haven’t been on this yet, please follow the instructions below to complete some really fun Computing coding games.

If you go on the website, click ‘learn’ at the top, and scroll down the page a little bit until you see ‘Hour of Code Tutorials’. Click this link and then there will be a selection of coding games you can play. Can you try a different coding game this week?


BBC Bitesize – Foundation Subjects

BBC Bitesize also has some really lovely lessons for our foundation subjects for you to take part in. Foundation subjects are subjects such as art, music, Spanish, history etc… I have had a look at a few nice activities for you to try out this week if you’d like to. – Art & Design (Drawing and Painting lesson) – History (How to become a Historian) – Geography (How to read maps and use a compass)


As always, please take care, stay safe and if there are any problems you can email me on Purple Mash. I miss you all.

Miss Connolly