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Hello again Year 4

It is getting very close to the end of the school year! And what a strange year it has been! (I do realise it’s only July, who knows what the other 5 months might bring?) However, that doesn’t mean we’re stopping the good work! Remember, in September you will all be off to year 5, Mrs Daintith and Mrs Worrall will be expecting great things from you all and there will be plenty of hard work to do so the more you’re still doing now, even if it’s just little things like practicing those times tables, the more it will help when you get to year 5!

Once again I’m going to set some online work to revise some of the things we’ve done in class this year and my offer to print off some work booklets for anyone who would rather work on paper but has no access to a printer still stands! Just give the school a ring or send me a purple mash email and I’ll see what I can do!

Stay safe, be good and keep working hard!

Mr Smith


BBC Bitesize

BBC bitesize is still going strong with some great challenges, some have even almost stumped me! Have a go at the online lessons there to keep those brains fresh!



I am continuing with our revision work for this week and moving onto fractions! Another one where you will find your knowledge of times tables helps hugely!

My Maths/Purple Mash

You will find some fractions work on MyMaths and Purple Mash this week.


Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables and have a look for any games that involve using times tables

Morning Maths Challenge

For any children missing my Morning Maths number 11 challenge, here is an online version of it for you to have a go at



I have set enough tasks for you to do one a day, SPaG tests ranging from year 2 SPaG to year 4 SPaG. Remember, these tests can be very difficult and will mark your answers wrong if just one word is misspelled or just one piece of punctuation is missing. Take your time and try your best!

Spelling Shed

I have set all groups a new set of spellings this week. Your challenge is to get the rank of ‘Queen Bee’. To practice your writing, you could try to use this weeks spellings in a sentence and write those sentences in your home learning books. Any words you don’t know the meaning of look them up in a dictionary or on the internet!

Pobble365 or Literacy Shed

I am continuing to promote these two great websites and can’t wait to see the stories you’ve written when we get back to school. Simply choose and picture or video and let it be the inspiration for a fantastic story.

This week, I recommend this picture Could you write a story about walking through this forest? How would you feel? What would you be thinking? Could you describe some of the weird and wonderful creatures you can see?

Or, why not try this? A selection of music videos all with some great opportunities for writing with them! I’d be super interested to see what you can come up with!

Purple Mash-Reading

Choose a Serial Mash book to read through and have a go at the quizzes and other tasks that it offers. Just do a chapter at a time!

You could also choose a book at home you enjoy reading and make up your own quiz about the parts you have read to challenge other people who read the book!

David Walliams

David Walliams is still doing free audio stories of some of his own books which you will find on his website. Theyre a great listen while your’re working on something else!


Don’t forget you can keep trying the world geography games online, can you correctly name all the countries in Europe on a map yet?

As well as the geography games, this week and next week i’m setting you the challenge to research and find out all about 2 of the Earth’s most dangerous occurrences! Volcanoes and earthquakes! This week will be volcanoes We have already looked a little bit at volcanoes when we read ‘When the giant stirred’  but this week I want you to research what makes a volcano erupt? What is happening underground to cause volcanic eruptions? It wasn’t long ago that a volcano was erupting in Hawaii, but how does it happen? Are there any active volcanoes in Europe? Which is the closest to us? Lots of interesting things to be found out!


This week in science, I thought i’d set you something a little different. (I’ve pinched the idea from the year 6 pod, they were doing it last week) I want you to find out, which type of biscuit is best for dunking in cups of tea!

For this experiment, you will need: a cup of tea, plenty of biscuits and a stopwatch.

Simply, hold a biscuit of your choice in a cup of tea and time how long it takes to crumble away! (then you can eat the rest of the biscuit)

The best biscuit for dunking will be the one that holds on the longest! I’d love to hear your results!


Stay safe and keep working hard!

Mr Smith