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Hello Year 4, and welcome to home learning week 1.  You will find your learning tasks for the week beginning 23rd March below. I have set one week’s worth of work which you can work through at your own pace, so don’t rush to finish it all on Monday morning! I will keep updating things throughout the week but it’s up to you how you manage your tasks and when you complete them. Work can be completed either online or in your home learning books. You can discuss work with each other through Purple Mash emails, (remember only appropriate things should be sent via email), and if you email me I will do my best to respond when I can!

Maths: Decimals

In maths we will continue focusing on decimals. This week we will be ordering them and putting them onto number lines, as well as some revision of previous decimal work. (some children will be working on other place value tasks instead, if these are too easy and you would like to try the decimals work, let me know and i’ll set it for you as well) 

White Rose Maths – Revision

Follow this link, here you will find an instructional video and some worksheet activities to complete in your maths books all about decimals/ We have already covered this work in class but its always good to refresh our memories on it. There is an activity for each day of the week to have a go at.

My Maths/Purple Mash

Login to your MyMaths and you will find 3 homeworks all about decimals and ordering them. (or place value ordering)

Login to your Purple Mash accounts and I have set 3 To-dos also all about ordering decimals. (or place value again)


Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables and have a look for any games that involve decimals and fractions.


I have set a number of SPaG tests ranging from year 1 sentence structure to year 3 SPaG tests. Since we’re all year 4 these should be nice and easy to start us off. Give them a good go and lets see how many 100% scores we can get by the end of the week!

Spelling Shed

I have set all groups a new set of spellings this week. Your challenge is to get the rank of ‘Queen Bee’. To practice your writing, you could try to use this weeks spellings in a sentence and write those sentences in your home learning books. Any words you don’t know the meaning of look them up in a dictionary or on the internet!


Your writing challenge this week is: at least one day this week, choose a picture from pobble365 and complete the tasks based on the picture. I particularly like Tuesday’s (24th) and Friday’s (27th) pictures.

Purple Mash-Reading

Choose a Serial Mash book to read through and have a go at the quizzes and other tasks that it offers. Just do a chapter at a time!

You could also choose a book at home you enjoy reading and make up your own quiz about the parts you have read to challenge other people who read the book!


This week in history we would have been studying the Ancient Greek Olympics! Research what you can find out about this amazing sporting event!

What sort of events did they have?

Who were the greatest athletes of the time?

Are there any events that the Greeks did that we don’t do today? Why not?

Where in Greece and when were the first Olympics held?

What other interesting facts can you find out about the Ancient Greek Olympics?

Then present this information how you like, it could be in a report, a poster, a brochure, You even hold your own ancient Greek Olympics in the back yard with your families! Its up to you!


That’s all for now. Have fun, look after each other and stay safe!

Mr Smith 🙂