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Hello everyone and welcome back to (home)school! I hope you have all had a lovely time with your families for the last two weeks and hopefully you were able to enjoy the lovely weather we have been having while still staying safe! It feels very odd that I won’t be seeing you tomorrow to start off the Summer Term, but I will continue to provide you with tasks to keep you learning so that when we do return to school we’re all ready and rearing to go!

As this is your final term as year 4’s, it is very important that you find time to complete some of these home learning tasks, though during this very strange time for us all it is equally important that you make sure you are also having fun and taking time for yourselves. Structure your day to suit you, but make sure you are setting aside some time for work and some time for play (that’s how I’m doing it).  The tasks I’m setting will not only round off our amazing year as year 4’s but will begin to prepare you for moving up to year 5. Though you may not be able to complete them all and some may seem difficult, a good attitude towards your learning is just as important as the learning you’re doing!

Below, it may look like I am setting tons and tons of work (because I am) but these are of course just suggestions. You don’t have to do everything but If you choose the work that suits and challenges you best and do a little bit every day then that would be fantastic! Don’t forget to send pictures of you working to the school’s email address to be featured on our Facebook page as well!

Keep working hard, stay safe and I’ll see you soon!

Mr Smith


This week we will be just recapping some of our final work on decimals and fractions before moving onto money. Because we are all so amazing, we are still a little ahead of where we should be so some of this work will be revision while some towards the end of the week will be new for us.

White rose maths

On the white rose website you will find work relating to making a whole using different decimals and fractions, and comparing and ordering decimals. Remember to watch the videos before attempting the work as these are there to help!

Remember, if you find this challenging you always can try something from a previous year as well! If you’re finding all this extremely easy and need more work there’s always work from year 5 or 6 if you’re feeling brave!

My Maths/Purple Mash


This week I won’t be setting maths work on MyMaths and Purple Mash as we’ve already done it all! Though this could mean you retry one of the previous homeworks I have set to see if you can get a better score!


Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables and have a look for any games that involve decimals and fractions.

Carol Vorderman’s Maths Lessons

Prolific mathematician, Carol Vorderman is still doing online maths lessons which you can take part in!

Carol Vorderman has a free website to help with maths:

Morning Maths Challenge

For any children missing my Morning Maths number 11 challenge, here is an online version of it for you to have a go at


Literacy Company

Below I am attaching two booklets that can be printed off or viewed on screens, with a myriad of ideas for your writing at home. One booklet is all inspiration for writing stories, diary entries, non chronological reports and many more. While the other has a fantastic poem to read and analyse!



This is the website with this work and work from all primary years. Other literacy activities can be accessed if you feel they are more appropriate!

Once again I have set enough tasks for you to do one a day, SPaG tests ranging from year 1 SPaG to year 4 SPaG. Remember, these tests can be very difficult and will mark your answers wrong if just one word is misspelled or just one piece of punctuation is missing. Take your time and try your best!

Spelling Shed

I have set all groups a new set of spellings this week. Your challenge is to get the rank of ‘Queen Bee’. To practice your writing, you could try to use this weeks spellings in a sentence and write those sentences in your home learning books. Any words you don’t know the meaning of look them up in a dictionary or on the internet!

Pobble365 or Literacy Shed

I am continuing to promote these two great websites and can’t wait to see the stories you’ve written when we get back to school. Simply choose and picture or video and let it be the inspiration for a fantastic story.

Remember to use all the things we have learned in class in your writing: show off your impressive expanded noun phrases for description, start your sentences with different fronted adverbials, use powerful verbs when describing what someone or something is doing, extend your sentences with conjunctions. I cant wait to read some of these when we return to school!

Purple Mash-Reading

Choose a Serial Mash book to read through and have a go at the quizzes and other tasks that it offers. Just do a chapter at a time!

You could also choose a book at home you enjoy reading and make up your own quiz about the parts you have read to challenge other people who read the book!

David Walliams

David Walliams is also doing free audio stories of some of his own books which you will find on his website.



This term our science topic will be all about Animals and their Habitats. One of the best resources I could suggest for this topic is the work of David Attenborough! I love watching his documentaries all about animals in their different habitats, in fact I might spend some of my week doing that! (I think they can be found on Netflix at the moment)

My challenge to you this week is simple. I want you to find out:

  1. What is a habitat?
  2. What different habitats can be found all around around the world?
  3. What different animals live in these different habitats?
  4. How have different animals adapted to living in their habitat? eg: Why is a shark good at living under water? Or why would a polar bear be bad living in the jungle?
  5. Bonus: what does the word adapted mean?


This term our Geography topic is all about Europe! To begin with why not have a go at some of the games on World Geography Games linked below. Can you name all the countries in Europe? Can you identify all the flags of European countries? Can the adults in your house do these? Challenge them to see who can get the most right!


Remember, pick the work that suits you and try your very best at it!

Don’t forget to email me via Purple Mash if there are any issues!

Mr Smith