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Hello again year 4!

As you may know, the next two weeks (beginning 25/5 and 1/6) are our school half term holidays. This means I will not be setting any work to complete during this time though do encourage you to keep working on your reading and times tables. It could also be a time when you catch up on any online learning that you have not yet got round to finishing! Most importantly though, take these two weeks to relax, de-stress and do as many things you enjoy (and can do safely) as possible!

As for me, I am going to use the next two weeks to finish off some school work I need to do,  paint my hallway at home a lovely shade of light grey and try to motivate myself to do some exercise every day, seeing as I have become quite lazy over the last two weeks!

I would love to still hear from you and what you get up to during half term and as always I am available to email via Purple Mash should you need anything!

Stay safe, be good and have fun!

Mr Smith