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Hi Year 5, I hope you all had a good week last week and you all now know who your teachers are for next year! They are still on the Year 6 page if you don’t, just scroll down and you will be welcomed to Year 6 by your new Teacher and Teaching Assistant. They are very excited to see you all, I hope you are excited too!


Monday- Recognising 3D shapes

Today we are going to recap 3D shapes, their names, and their properties.

Classroom secrets– Year-3-Summer-Block-3-Step-9-VF-Construct-3D-Shapes


Tuesday- 3D shapes

Classroom secrets- Year-6-Summer-Block-1-Step-11-HW-EXT-Nets-of-3D-Shapes


Wednesday- Reflection

Classroom secrets:Year-5-Summer-Block-3-Step-2-VF-Reflection


Thursday- Translation

Classroom secrets- Year-5-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-VF-Translation



PowerPoint:  Year-5-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-PPT-Translation

Classroom Secrets- Year-5-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-RPS-Translation


TimestableRockstars– 10 sessions have been set.

MyMaths– Translating and reflecting

3D shapes

Rounding to the nearest 10, 100



Read Pages 8-15. Then find evidence from the text or what you have inferred from the text to complete a Role on the wall about the old man. Around the outside write what we know about the old man’s daily habits and behaviour. On the inside write what we know about his appearance and personality.


Write a setting description of the dump when the lorries arrive. Use your senses: smell, touch, taste, feel, hear. What happens to the animals when the first lorry arrives? Remember to include expanded noun phrases with exciting adjectives to describe the dump. (I know referring to it as a dump is American but that is the terminology from the book, if you would rather refer to it as a landfill site or tip that is fine.)


Write a diary entry as if you were the old man, consider how he feels before the lorries come; sitting with the animals in the peace and quiet. How does he feel when the lorries start to arrive? How does he feel about people throwing things out without care? Try to include modal verbs to convey a degree of possibility (from last week) and Fronted adverbials.


Read Pages 16-19. Think of why Sarah might be coming to see the old man. Write a conversation between Sarah and the old man. Remember inverted commas, capital letters at the beginning of anything spoken, and new speaker, new line.

Friday- Grammar test  Y5 (C)

Direct speech punctuation (B)

Fronted adverbials (A)



Reading plus– A minimum of three times a week for 30 minutes.



As we are away from school, we have missed our opportunity to learn about Sikhism in our Faith Week. I thought for the last 3 weeks it would be nice to learn about the faith. I know we will be unable to visit the Gurdwara (which I was really looking forward to) but we would at least know more about the religion.

Read-Lesson Presentation Main Beliefs– Write out the 10 Gurus and what they are important for.

5K’s- Lesson Presentation. Read all about the 5K’s and create a poster to explain it to someone else. Include what each one means, why it is significant and include a picture of each item.


Have a great week!

Mrs Parkinson