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Well done Year 5! I can see that most of you have been working so hard this week and I have spoken to most of you via email. I am so proud of your dedication! For those who haven’t completed all of the work set from last week, it will remain open over the weekend for you to finish off. I hope you have spent some time outside enjoying this lovely weather and having some quality time with your families. While it is trickier working at home, for me, it is a blessing having Alfie running around!


I have set you four activities to complete on MyMaths

  1. Fractions as operators
  2. Line graphs and two- way tables   (I know how much you all love reading line graphs!)
  3. Time and timetables
  4. Telling the time- to 5 mins (This is because we don’t recap time but it is a life skill!)

I have also written you some extra fraction practise which recaps everything we have looked at so far. There are 10 questions a day within this powerpoint, there is guidance included and the answers so you can self-mark.

Maths 30.03-03.04

Times Table Rockstars- I have set another session, please complete 20 sessions on studio by Friday.

Numbots- keep practising it will help with your quick recall.

White Rose- If you missed this last week try going back and having a go. It is all related to decimals and percentages (what we would be doing in school!) so that you aren’t missing any learning. Watch the videos they have been designed to help you with the worksheets, then either print out the worksheets and complete them or just write your answers in your maths books. The answers are on there too! It is brilliant!


Reading plus– please continue to go on for at least half an hour a day.

Guided reading– Please read Chapter 6. Then in your English books, can you write down all of the reasons you know that Davey is naturally an honest person. Write down the quotes from the book and why this tells the reader he is honest. eg

“That’s different,” said David, and he felt uncomfortable as he said it.” This implies that David knows the difference from taking a couple of eggs and stealing alcohol from Ann and Mr Reynolds and that he is not happy with being asked to do it as he is uncomfortable at just the thought of it.

Spelling shed- New spellings are now ready for you on spelling shed.

Spag- You have three activities set for you on

  1. Parenthesis and commas
  2. Suffixes and prefixes
  3. Terminology (B)

Writing- I would like you to write a biography on Chris Hadfield.

 Model Biography

Writing structure

Firstly, you will need to research Chris use the Writing structure (included above) to help in what to research about him.

Next, read the Model Biography (included above). This one is written about Neil Armstrong, however it shows the structure that you need to include. Don’t forget as a Biography it is a real life account about him- you can’t make it up or deviate from facts, it is not a story! Use appropriate terminology and make it formal! Remember everything that we have been doing this half term: parenthesis, appropriate fronted adverbials, relative clauses, subordinating conjunctions: despite, however, while, consequently, even though.


I know how much you all love playing games. I would like you to create a maze on scratch. You don’t need to join, just ‘start creating’.

 1. You will need to design a background using the paint tool (personally I would make it simple!) Your design must include a border which your sprite can go through so make it big enough and it must be in one colour.

2. Create an algorithm to move your sprite so that if it touches the walls (use touch and colour within senses) it gets sent back to the beginning.

3. Once you have mastered that- can you add a second ‘bad sprite’ where your sprite has to move around it before reaching the end of the maze. This ‘bad sprite’ could be continuously moving backwards and forwards.

Have some fun with it!

If you are looking for inspiration with any artwork, you could do something based on the Blitz.

Don’t forget Joe Wicks at 9am. If you still want more then:

David Walliams is doing free audio stories:

Carol Vorderman has a free website to help with maths:

Classroom secrets (which we have used in class) have free interactive resources and learning packs, they have them in Spag, Maths and Reading

Stay safe and look after yourself. It won’t be long before we are all back together again and longing we were allowed to do our work outside!

You know you can email me with any problems.

Mrs Parkinson