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Hi Year 5,

I can see you are all working hard on your home learning- keep it up! You have worked so hard this year, we don’t want to see that slip.

I have assigned you all your buddy ready for next year. It is a small class so some of you will be sharing your buddy with another member of the class. For those of you who I asked to write to your buddy, thank you for completing this so quickly. The letters have been lovely to read and will bring such joy to those receiving them. If you haven’t completed it yet can you email me via Purple Mash as soon as possible- I am still waiting on a couple.


Every morning, at 9am, Joe Wicks is keeping us all fit and healthy.


I had noticed most of you struggled with fractions last week, so this week I have created a ‘Morning Maths’ style PowerPoint- 10 questions a day all with the focus on fractions. There is guidance in case you have forgotten how to complete them and the answers for each day too.

Maths 27.04-01.05

As well as these, you also need to complete the White rose lessons: I know last week there were some extremely challenging challenges which were aimed to get your whole family thinking, well you will be happy to know, there are more this Friday!

Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables on TTRockstars- I have set you all 10 sessions to complete by Friday.


Have a look at the picture on Pobble365 24th April. You have two choices, either complete the story or write a setting description followed by a detailed description of the robot.

Remember to use a dictionary to stretch your vocabulary. This would be a great story to include personification, similes and metaphors.


You have all made such an improvement with your Spag this year, and to prove this, I have set you the first test you ever did. Grammar- Y5(A). When we completed this our average score was 38%. I have also got you individual scores for this so if you would like to compare once you have finished it, email me.


I have set you new spellings for this week- they are List 19. There is also the HFW and Year 5/6 words to keep practising too.


In History, our topic is the Mayans but who were they and where did they originate from? I have included a timeline of history so that you can see where the Mayan civilisation fits into the history you have already learned throughout Key Stage 2. The Mayans are believed to have existed during the same time as the Ancient Egyptians (which you learnt in Year 4) and the Bronze age, the Iron age, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxon and the Vikings (which you learnt about in Year 3 and Year 5). Display Poster – A3– Timeline.

In Year 5, we have so far concentrated on British history, however we are now looking at world history, so that we understand what was happening in other parts of the world at the same time.

#Lesson Presentation Meeting the Maya

Activity Sheet Maya Map

Read the Powerpoint included above to learn more about who the Mayans were and where they came from. Then identify on the map where they came from. If you cannot print the map out then I you need to write which countries they came from, where in the world are these countries situated and which countries the ancient Mayan cities were in. eg Chichen Itza is in Mexico.

After this you need to create an information poster, explaining who the Mayan people were, where they lived and what was special about them. Below is an example template but feel free to present it in your own way.

Welcome to the Mayans

I hope you all have a great week!