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Hello Year 5

Thank you to everyone who completed their letters to their buddy. If you are unsure who your buddy is please email me on Purple Mash and I will tell you. Your work for this week is outlined below- with an added V.E. celebration on the bottom as Friday is a bank holiday.


I have had emails off many of you and I am so proud that you are starting to understand fractions. This week I have set you some work on MyMaths related to decimals. Try to think of them without the decimals- you do exactly the same just with the decimal.

Adding decimals in columns

Ordering decimals

Rounding decimals

As well as this there are activities on White Rose

Timestable rockstars- I have set you 10 sessions on Garage to complete this week.



You have a different website to inspire your writing this week. Please look at the Literacy Shed

Watch the video and create a newspaper report to explain what happened. You will need a headline, description of what happened and an interview with either the lighthouse keeper or a member of the community.

SPag- From last week I can see most of you struggled with Parenthesis and putting brackets in the correct places. This week I have set you:

Parenthesis and Commas (B)

Present Perfect form

Spelling– Spellings have been set on Spelling Shed- List 20

Reading– Keep up with Reading Plus


LO: I can explain how day turns into night.

Lesson Presentation Night and Day

Lesson Presentation Night and Day International– Time zones across the world

Watch the video on YouTube and read the PowerPoints to learn more about how the earth moves around the sun.

Then write and explanation explaining how the earth rotates creating day and night. Include why is it day time at different times around the world? There is a template below.

Activity Sheet Night and Day Explanation Text

Night and Day Key Vocabulary Word Mat– Vocabulary word mat to use to support your writing.

Extra Activity

If you wanted to explore this more there is an activity below where you can create your own sundial.

Activity Sheet Sundial

V.E Day – Celebrating 75 Years

This Friday is 75 years on from V.E day. Please watch the video to find out more about what VE day is.

You can also find more information from here


*Organise your own VE Day party at home decorate with homemade bunting and flags, cook traditional recipes, learn to dance and listen to music of the day (see ideas attached)

*Get arty! You could produce your own victory inspired artwork look at some of the greats such as LS Lowry.

*Write a newspaper article from the 8th May 1945. Imagine you were reporting at the time. What would the atmosphere be like- what were the facts!

VE party activities– Here are recipes you could make for your party, games you can play and even a song and dance you could learn.


Please share how you have celebrated V.E day with us by sending your pictures to the office for the website and Facebook page.


Have a great week!