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Hello Year 5,

I hope you all enjoyed the Bank holiday and the brilliant weather we had this weekend! This week I have various tasks set for you, however you should also look at BBC bitesize as there are different lessons with videos and activities to support your understanding across the Year 5 curriculum.


P.E. with Joe Wicks. He is still working hard to keep you all fit and healthy so join him at 9am everyday.


White rose-

Please work through the videos, there are no longer worksheets to go with these videos but if you need extra practise you can click on the link to BBC bitesize where there are worksheets and videos to help you.


I have set you three areas to practise this week.

Decimal complements to 1

Grouping data

Rectangles and irregular polygons



With us just celebrating VE day, I thought you could do some writing on the theme of war.

Watch the video above. From the video you could become one of the soldiers and write a letter home to a loved one, you could write a diary as if you were one of the boys or a soldier or you could write a poem about war.

Spelling shed– List 21 

Apostrophes and plurals (A)

Prepositions and adverbs (A)

Terminology Y3 (A)


The Mayans developed many inventions and achievements. Please read the PowerPoint.

For some of the achievements there is no physical evidence e.g. the drainage canals and irrigation channels would have been filled in over time, the wooden ladders to climb down into a cenote would have rotted away. We know about these things from carvings, paintings and books.

Ancient Maya achievements (PowerPoint)

Now, complete the diamond nice activity, placing the achievements in order of importance. We will discuss your reasons for your choices when we get back together. Write why your top achievement is the most important.

Ancient Maya achievements (diamond nine activity)



The Old Covenant

Look at the 10 commandments below.


Don’t kill Don’t steal


Love your neighbour


Don’t be jealous of what your friend has. Don’t lie


Don’t work on a Sunday or go




Love God


Do what mum and dad tell you to do.


Don’t swear using God’s name.


Don’ t cheat on your husband or wife.

Think: which is the most important commandment in the story and why? What do you think the story of the 10 commandments is teaching people about God? Do you think this story is an important one for people today? Why/why not?

Think about our school rules and society. What are the consequences for not keeping them? If no one followed the rules what would school be like?

Through the law given to Moses, God makes a covenant relationship with the Hebrews and expects a certain standard of behaviour. This is what Jews believe today, Christians call this the ‘old covenant.’


Create a 10 commandments for our school. 10 rules which everyone needs to abide by. Put them in order, with the most important being number 1.


I hope you have another great week of home learning, any issues or if you just want to keep me informed about what you are doing at home, I am always contactable so send me an email!