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Hello everyone,

Thank you for sending me copies of your work and for your emails it is lovely to hear from you and read your work!


Your will be pleased to know that this week are looking again at adding and subtracting fractions.

BBC Bitesize are working with Powermaths (what we were using in class) so please you watch the videos and answer the worksheets (the answers are on their too).

If you are still struggling with your understanding then watch the video from White Rose, as this will help you further. but you only need to do this if you want the extra practise.

I have also set you some activities on My maths:

  1. Decimal complements
  2. Long multiplication
  3. Multiplying decimals by 10 and 100


Don’t forget about TTrockstars and Numbots


I have read some great work while you have been working from home, please keep sending it to me. This week I have gone back to Pobble365 and you have a choice.

  1. I saw this and thought it was a great reminder of our trip to London, so you could use this as inspiration for your own story. What could the wicked witch have done which caused her no remorse?
  2. We are seeing and hearing these two words a lot right now. You could create your own story based on this simple note. Or you could use this as a way to write down your thoughts on what is happening in the world around us. It could be a story, a poem, diary or letter.

You have been given a lot of terminology for Spag so I think it is important that you are confident with it so this week you have

  1. Terminology Y3 (B)
  2. Terminology Y4 (A)
  3. Linking ideas and cohesion

Spelling– List 22

Reading- Reading plus.

If you are wanting some different books, have a look on serial mash on purple mash- your age group is sapphires.

There are some great books on here.


LO: I can explain how day turns into night.

Please read the PowerPoint.

Lesson Presentation Movement of the Moon

Then I would like you to be able to explain how the moon moves around the earth but you can be creative in how you do this.

It could be in the form of an explanation text, by completing the activity sheets below, or by creating your own model (like in the PowerPoint or more elaborate), you could even make a video explaining it using members of your family as the moon, the sun and the earth! The choice is yours so have fun with it!

Activity Sheet Earth Moon and Sun Labelling Diagram

Waxing of the Moon Home Learning Task

Have a great week!