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Hello Year 6,

Hope you’re all safe and well.  The summer countdown has begun! Not long now…

Keep trying hard with your home learning tasks for the last week or so and please get in touch on Purple Mash if you need any help.

I hope you all enjoyed your ‘virtual transitions’ to high school, last week. Make sure you visit your new school’s website regularly for updates.

Have a good week.

Mrs D

Morning Maths – activities are included in the table below. Choose one mat to complete from the three different levels available.

This week, we’re studying Properties of shapes and Statistics.

Video tutorials are available on:

  • BBC Bitesize Daily
    You can work your way through the videos and activities on-line to aid your learning, or if you feel confident with the subject, scroll down the page to find the activity sheets that you should complete in your maths books.
  • White Rose Maths
    Please note that White Rose worksheets are no longer available but the video tutorials are still very helpful.
  • I have also included options from Classroom Secrets, where you can choose the level you work at for each task.

If you are finding any of the maths tasks tricky, please visit where you’ll find some new work booklets, designed by White Rose. You can choose the level you work at; perhaps you could relook at topics you find challenging.

Monday Morning maths – Mat 1

Nets of 3D shapes –

Classroom Secrets option – Year-6-Summer-Block-1-Step-11-VF-Nets-of-3D-Shapes

Tuesday Morning maths – Mat 2

Circles – Link to follow

Classroom Secrets option – Year-6-Summer-Block-3-Step-4-VF-Circles

Wednesday Morning maths – Mat 3

Read and interpret pie charts – Link to follow

Classroom Secrets option – Year-6-Summer-Block-3-Step-5-VF-Read-and-Interpret-Pie-Charts

Thursday Morning maths – Mat 4

The Mean –

Classroom Secrets option – Year-6-Summer-Block-3-Step-8-VF-The-Mean

Friday Morning maths – Mat 5

Arithmetic paper – ks2-mathematics-2019-paper-1

My Maths –

TT Rock Stars/Numbots –


Frank and Jason are Wanted, but they are still carrying out daring robberies, this time it seems is the great train robbery, however, will their greed be the end of them? Ruckus is a short animation film about two bandit brothers.

Watch the film animation then complete the tasks below.

Monday Think about the desert surroundings throughout the clip. Make a list of things you would expect to find in a desert (you could do a little research). Using your list, write at least 5 sentences to describe the setting. Check out page 5 and 6 in the activity pack for some words and images that might help you with your description Ruckus KS2 Activity Pack. Remember to use your senses!
Tuesday Design your own ‘WANTED’ poster for the brothers (use pages 8 & 9 in the activity pack for help). Your poster must include a description of the brothers, the crimes they are wanted for, a sketch of them and details of the reward. Enjoy 😉
Wednesday Today, you’re going to write a ‘text message’ conversation between the brothers to devise a plan for their heist. You can use the template on page 10 for this or design your own.
Thursday Create a comic strip for the Ruckus story. Remember to include illustrations and also the speech and thoughts of the brothers in bubbles. Add some colour too! You will find a template on page 14 and an example of a comic strip below.

Friday The clip has no speech. Imagine that the brothers were talking to each other throughout the ruckus – what do you think they would say? What would the tone/atmosphere be like? Write the conversation between them as they chase each other for the diamond. Use pages 15 & 16 to help.


This week’s reading tasks are based on Be amazing! An inspiring guide to being your own champion by Sir Chris Hoy and can be found here Be Amazing! The activities are supported by video clips.

Reading Plus –

It is important to spend 30 minutes 3-4 times each week on Reading Plus.

SPaG –

Spelling –

Additional learning

You can find many more exciting lessons in History, Geography, RE, Science, Art and more on BBC Bitesize Daily BBC Bitesize Daily or Oak National Academy Oak National Academy.

You could try out your culinary talents this week – make Indian style snacks Remember to ask permission before you start and you may need a little help from an adult.