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Hello Year 6,

It was lovely to have some of you back in school last week.  I will continue to update our home learning page each Monday to support those of you learning at home. We miss you! Wherever possible, home learning will be linked to the activities we are completing in school.  You can contact me through Purple Mash and I’d love to receive examples of your work and hear about the fun things you’ve been up to.

Also, remember to keep checking the high school websites for updates on transition.

Have a good week.

Mrs D

Morning Maths

Year 6 Maths Revision Morning Starter – Pack 10

This week, we’re studying Measurement.

Video tutorials are available on:

  • BBC Bitesize (daily links will be updated in the table below)
    You can work your way through the videos and activities on-line to aid your learning, or if you feel confident with the subject, scroll down the page to find the activity sheets that you should complete, in your maths books.
  • White Rose Maths
    Please note that White Rose worksheets are no longer available but the video tutorials are still very helpful.

I have also included options from Classroom Secrets, where you can choose the level you work at for each task.

Monday Area & perimeter – Area & perimeter of rectilinear shapes

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Area-and-Perimeter

Tuesday Area of triangles – Area of triangles

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Area-of-a-Triangle-1

Wednesday Area of parallelograms – Area of parallelograms

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Area-of-a-Parallelogram

Thursday Volume of cuboids – link to follow

‘Classroom Secrets’ option – Year-6-Volume-of-a-Cuboid

Friday Arithmetic paper – ArithmeticPaper10

Maths challenge – link to follow

My Maths –

TT Rock Stars/Numbots –


Have you ever wondered what would happen if Rock, Paper and Scissors met each other?  Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors is a short film of the classic children’s game: when Rock happens to meet the magical Paper, it’s love at first sight. But when the wrath of Scissors threatens the well-being of Paper, Rock must stop at nothing to save what he loves most, no matter the cost.

Watch the video animation Broken: Rock, Paper, Scissors at to be inspired and support your creative ideas.

Monday Watch the video above. Then, write character profiles for the three main characters: Rock, Paper and Scissors. Make notes while you watch. What do they look like? How do they move? What type of character are they? Use evidence from the film, for example, I think Rock is kind because… To guide you, here’s a few of my ideas for this… RockPaperScissors
Tuesday Watch the video animation, Broken, again. Focus on where Rock tries to persuade Paper to go with him (around 1 min 20 sec). Write a dialogue between Rock and Paper for this part of the film. Remember to include full speech punctuation and include some action in the form of a speech sandwich SpeechSandwich.
Wednesday National Writing Day 24/7 – take part in National Writing Day by showing off your creative writing skills in just 24 words! Use this guidance to help you build your ideas then get writing. Send me your completed masterpieces for our website and Facebook pages.
Thursday Today, you are going to create a wanted poster for Scissors from the video animation, Broken. You choose the size of your poster and create it using anything you like. Let your imagination go wild and try to include inventive illustrations. Most of all, have fun with this one!  PS. I’d love to see a copy when you’ve finished 😉
Friday Today, you’ll be retelling the story of the film, Broken, that we have we been looking at this week. You can choose whether to write it in third person or, in role, as one of the characters. Include lots of description as well as the dialogue you wrote on Tuesday. Please send me your finished story!


If you would like an additional writing challenge, try the activities on Pobble365 – Dragonworld.

You can send photos or attachments of your completed work to me via Purple Mash email.



This week’s reading tasks are based on David Baddiel’s, ‘The Parent Agency’ and can be found here The Parent Agency – David Baddiel. The activities are supported by video clips.

Reading Plus –

It is important to spend 30 minutes 3-4 times each week on Reading Plus.

SPaG –

Spelling –

Additional learning

You can find many more exciting lessons in History, Geography, RE, Science, Art and more on BBC Bitesize Daily BBC Bitesize Daily or Oak National Academy Oak National Academy.

There’s a lovely art lesson ‘Optical illusions and using shading to show form’ on Oak National Academy Optical illusions. I’d love to see your efforts!